Deciding on the finish of your chemical free swimming pool is one of the most important decisions in the design process, as this will set the tone and the look of the finished article. There are many options when it comes to finishes and Gaius Aqua are here to simplify the options for you and help you make the right choice for your chemical free swimming pool:



Liner finishes are generally the cheapest option for any natural swimming pool. So as not to interfere with the biological filtration system they must be made of certain biocide free materials. These liners come in a variety of colours and finishes, some of which are displayed below. Gaius Aqua have our preferred suppliers and installers of such liners. Please get in touch if you would like any further.



A carbon ceramic pool presents a timeless superb look. Its installation is done in a few days, which significantly reduces the costs. Available in a range of shapes, colors and finishes, they are very durable, low-maintenance and 40-year warranty.

For more information, visit www.compasspools.fr




Tiling a natural swimming pool can look fantastic if done well but one must be very careful selecting a contractor. There is plenty of preparation work to complete before the pool is ready to be tiled too. The walls and floor need to be perfectly to shape +/- 3mm over 2m and a complete tanking coat needs to be applied before the tiles are applied. For a natural swimming pool there mustn’t be any cementitious products used in the tiling process, resin based adhesives and grouts are used instead, and the tiles must be glazed or have a smooth finish in order to aid the cleaning process. If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Gaius Aqua who will be happy to help with the design and material specification.

Fibre glass pool


Fiberglass finishes to natural swimming pools can come in the form of a pre-cast one piece pool, or the pool can be constructed out of block or concrete and finished with a fiberglass and resin coat and usually topped with a flow-coat.
Fiberglassing can also be a good option when renovating an old swimming pool, especially if the pool has lost its water tightness.
This finish is found commonly in koi carp ponds as it is durable, but the finish can sometimes be a little rough unless you can find the right contractor. Please talk to us at Gaius Aqua for a list of approved contractors and what to look out for.

Stainless steel pool


For the ultimate in luxury and a fantastic, modern looking pool, stainless steel is difficult to beat. Sleek lines, deck level or skimmer, easy to clean and maintain, durable and with the longest warranties of them all, stainless steel is certainly a finish to consider if you have the budget. Stainless steel is also one of the best finishes you can choose to aid the filtration of your natural swimming pool. Get in touch with Gaius aqua for a quote today.

Below is an example of the approximate costs of the finishes detailed above, for a standard 10 x 4 x 1.5 mtr pool

Initial CapEx* Relative Cost to repair Relative cost to replace Length of guarantee**
One-piece liner £4-8K £ £ 2-5yrs
Bespoke liner £7-10K £ ££ 2-10yrs
Raw Fiberglass £7-9K £ ££ 2-7yrs
Fiberglass + flowcoat £8-10K £ ££ 3-10yrs
One Piece fiberglass £12-20K*** £ ££ 7-15yrs
One Piece carbon ceramic £25-35K*** £ ££ 40yrs
Tiled fiberglass £20-35K ££ £££ Variable
Mosaic tiles £15-25K ££ £££ Variable
Large format tiles £15-25K £££ £££ Variable
Stainless steel £60-100K*** ££ ££££ 25-30yrs
* Approximate cost for a typical 10m x 4m x 1.3m pool
** Length of guarantee offered by main manufacturers
*** Cost is inclusive of complete  pool shell