Gaius Aqua has gained a wealth of experience building chemical free swimming pools using a vast array of materials. Gaius Aqua has built swimming pools below ground, above ground and even ontop of buildings. Paramount to the success of these projects has been the choice of material used to form the shell or the tank of the pool. Cost, shape, weather, location and ethics are all factors which have influenced our clients decisions. All the pools Gaius Aqua builds are built on structurally specified concrete slabs, which we will also insulate to stop cold bridges and mitigate heat loss. Below is a summary of the pool shells available.


Gaius Aqua offers you exclusively a shell that excels the market:

  • a ceramic carbon shell
  • 40 years warranty
  • installation in just a few days
  • 25 models available
  • custom finishes
  • an integrated self-cleaning system
  • a chemical free filtration system
  • an automatic cover incorporated

We specify that for models with flat bottom, we don’t need to pour a concrete slab.

Concrete Block


The most common method of building a swimming pool is in the form of concrete hollow block with horizontal and vertical steel bars, which are filled with cement. This method can be adaptable to form many shapes but external or internal insulation will need to be added to increase thermal efficiency. Polystyrene preformed blocks are cheap and quick to install and allow for a certain amount of thermal efficiency. However they are not Gaius Aqua’s preferred choice on the basis that they can leave large amounts of polystyrene as waste which is harmful for the environment. Insulated concrete forms are excellent and there are more and more environmentally sound ways of making these. Plastic preformed blocks are relatively new to the market, and again offer a quicker means of completing a pool.

Sprayed concrete


For freeform and creative shapes, this is the recommended method by Gaius Aqua. Again insulation would be added after the shape has been formed. Attention to detail is paramount to its success, especially when it comes to water tightness. Gaius Aqua have a proven track record of creating some stunning shapes and sizes of pools using this method and would thoroughly recommend for basement pools too.

Pre-formed insulated panels


Gaius Aqua has built many pools using a modulated pre-formed insulated panel system. This system is incredibly efficient and only requires the addition of lower and upper ringbeams. Therefore less concrete is used and far more thermal efficiency is gained. This is a must for pools which are rectangular in shape and also of a single depth. This system is Gaius Aquas go to choice for clients who wish to extend their swimming season as long as possible!

Stainless stee pool image


Although the most expensive of pool shells, a stainless steel pool shell coupled with a Gaius Aqua chemical free filtration system is worth its weight in gold! A stainless steel shell has a permanently leakproof long lifespan without compromising in quality. There is no risk of frost damage, no need for special winter treatment and no risk of colour change or bleaching through UV resistance.