According to a recent survey of pool owners in France published by the French Swimming Pool and Spa Professionals Federation, more and more people are renovating their pools. This study highlights 4main areas of renovation set out below.Modifications may be structural or simple add-ons but all qualify as renovations. In the USA, 40% of in-ground swimming pools date from the Nineties or the early 21st century, while in France, Europe’s biggest pool market, the swimming pool collection is ageing with 70% of all in-ground pools at least 10 years old.

This content highlights the maturing of the French market and the ageing of its pool stock. This survey also highlights the short length of time that the average pool will last.Unlike your average pool builder, Gaius Aqua build and renovate pools to last a lifetime.

The 4 areas of pool renovation highlighted by the study are as follows:

1: Like for like replacement

In general pool owners say that they are satisfied with the pool they have had installed and consider they have done well with their purchase. Knowing this it is obvious that they would replace worn out elements with the exact same components. This is the case for 50% of all renovations and would be entirely eliminated with a Gaius Aqua build.

2: Upgrading of equipment

The survey found that although customers were mostly satisfied with their pools, they were still interested in taking advantage of advancements in technology and were keen to simplify the usage of their existing pool. Hence 47% of pool renovation projects included upgrades to equipment. The majority of these upgrades were outside of the pool shell in the technical room to do with heating, water treatment or connectivity.

3: Restructuring

This can include the addition of a plunge pool, reduce the depth of the existing pool or to reshape it. Restructuring can also include the addition of a wellbeing area such as a sauna or spa, something that Gaius Aqua has plenty of experience with. Another area that is getting more and more popular is the addition of a raising floor or a sliding deck over the pool negating the needfor a cover or any safety barrier.

4: Styling

Many owners want to restyle their pool as one would renovate a house. Most pools are after all, an extension of the homeand if done properly are a truly decorative item. The colour, the lighting, the finish and the surround of the pool all contribute to the feel of the space. Gaius Aqua has an in house design team that can help and guide you through the process, please get in touch to get the ball rolling.

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